Here are my top 5 music artists that English students should listen to. They have been chosen because they have clear pronunciation and great vocabulary (by great I mean interesting and useful- none of this street ganksta talk or old-fashioned nonsense that people just don’t say in real life).

1) George Ezra

George Ezra is a singer from Hertford England. He sings folk-rock music and his album “Wanted on Voyage” was the third biggest selling album in the UK last year.

george ezra

Check out his song Listen to the Man on Youtube. Sir Ian McKellen (from Lord of the Rings) sings with him in the video.

2) Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is an American singer who was born in Hawaii. He is regarded as one of the most successful male solo-artists in the world. His style is pop-funk. His latest album Unorthodoz Jukebox also has some reggae influence.


Check out the songs: “Just the way you are” “The Lazy Song” and “Locked out of Heaven” on youtube.

3) Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters and Men is a pop-folk-indi band from Iceland. However, all of their songs are in English. Check out their album “Little Talks”.

of monsters

Have a look at their songs on youtube here. The music is very relaxing. It is also extremely impressive because English is their second language and they sing it flawlessly.

4) Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is British singer-song writer who plays the guitar. He won the Best Album award at the Brits in 2015 and was nominated for Best Album at the Grammys too for his album ‘X’. You can hear this album on youtube here.

edI recommend the song Thinking Out Loud

5) Noah and the Whale

Noah and the Whale are an indi-rock band from London. The band was formed in 2006, but it is not known if they will split up this year (2015). They haven’t recorded anything recently, but they have made 4 great albums.


I recommend the album “Last Night on Earth”. You can see their youtube channel here.

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